WHITE ROOM is a performance project started by SUKA OFF in 2006.
It combines the main features of SUKA OFF work - multimedia and elements of body art,
but its aesthetics and the narrative are firmly rooted in theatre. It’s partially a life installation
created in front of the audience’s eyes, partially a dark fairy tale for adults.

The story takes place in a laboratory inhabited by a doctor carrying out experiments on patients locked in the “white room”. With time he realizes that they are in fact elements of his own identity
and the more he tries to suppress them, the stronger they get…

WHITE ROOM is an abstract place, hidden deep inside our body. A vessel filled with all superfluous emotions, suppressed fears and fantasies. It is an isolated space, a prison / hospital / asylum,
where our alternative identities are kept to never become flesh.

If you look inside the “white room”, you’ll see yourself.

more info: http://www.sukaoff.com/